Time Order: New Online Tool

Advice Scotland is providing a new online tool that can be used by  consumers and advisers alike, to identify when a Time Order may be an appropriate solution for them or their clients.

Time Orders are legal remedies that have been available for 45 year in Scotland, but are rarely used.

However, as I have covered in other blogs on this site (Time Orders: Has their Time come?), with the growth in car finance agreement, like Personal Contract Purchase Plans, Hire Purchase Agreements and Conditional Sale Agreements, I believe there is an opportunity for them to be used more often.

This is based on my own experiences over the last year, where I have applied for a Time Order three times to prevent clients having decrees granted against them in relation to car finance agreements, and been successful on each occasion (read about my Greenock cases: Sheriff Throws light on Time Orders).

I hope with this new online tool, more advisers will begin identifying when Time Orders are an appropriate tool for their clients and give them the tools to apply for one and, if necessary, represent them in Court.

I also hope that consumers will be able to use the tool to identify when a Time Order is an appropriate tool for their circumstances, and either apply for one themselves, or where they need help, through their local money advice agency.






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