Debt Advice Guide

Please download my free electronic Guide for Scots Struggling with Problem Debts. 

It contains links to online tools, videos and information on how to deal with problem debts.

In the Guide you will find information on 

  • How to Maximise Income.
  • Draft a Budget.
  • Different Debt Repayment Strategies.
  • Debt Enforcement Procedures; and
  • Formal Debt Solutions

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Readers Questions

  1. Alison

    Hi I have received a letter telling me that an earnings arrestment has been put on my wages. I was paying the debt off monthly by direct debit but missed a payment at the beginning of this month as there wasn’t enough funds in my account. I phoned scott & Co but they said there was no way to stop it once granted.

    1. Scottish Adviser Post author

      Hi Alison

      It can be stopped, but the only way to do that is apply for a Time to Pay or a Debt Payment Programme under the Debt Arrangement Scheme.

      However, the first of these can be quite difficult as it means applying to the Courts and you would need to show the Court why they should stop it and let you pay directly, which will be difficult as the Court will likely take the view they are getting the money anyway.

      A Debt Payment Programme is really only useful if you have multiple debts, although you can do it for one debt, but it will affect your credit rating. It does, however, stop wage arrestments.

      Other options that can stop wage arrestments are more severe like Trust Deeds and Bankruptcy.

      You could ask them to lift it, but I believe you have tried this and they have said no.

  2. Atholl

    Dear Sir, can you become a director of a football club after being discharged in Scotland?

    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Scottish Adviser Post author

      Providing the person has received a discharge from their bankruptcy, and no additional restrictions were put in place with a Bankruptcy Restriction Order, there is nothing preventing someone from becoming a Director of a Limited Company once they are discharged.
      The only thing I would add to that is providing they have not been disqualified as a Director.

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