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  1. Sofia Dogan

    Hi there, I have come across this site again, as still searching for some credible, transparent and uncomplicated information regarding debt recovery for credit unions in Scotland. I can see that you responded to my initial question, so thank you for that.
    It is a real shame that event never went ahead. There is certainly a high demand for it, so perhaps it would be great to re-open communication with trade bodies again? No need to travel either, as everything can be done virtually these days.

  2. Sofia


    Are you running an updated version of this seminar anytime soon? Would it be possible to get copy of the publication?

    1. Scottish Adviser

      Hi Sofia

      To be honest, that course never went ahead for a number of reasons, although there was demand for it. So the publication was never published.

      However, I have done the course for one or two Credit Unions since then on a pro-bono basis, but due to other commitments and events I am planning at present I dont really have time.

      I did suggest to ABCUL and Scottish League of Credit Unions doing an event it they organised it, but no interest was expressed.

      I may find the time later in the year.

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