Background to the Debt Arrangement Scheme

  1. What is The Debt Arrangement Scheme?
  2. What is the background to the Scheme?
  3. Who is the Debt Arrangement Scheme suitable for?

Background to the Debt Arrangement Scheme

The Scottish Government introduced the Debt Arrangement Scheme in 2004. 

It is the only Scheme of it’s type  in the UK and offers many benefits for those who are struggling with their debts.

Since, 2004 the Scheme has now been changed numerous time and now includes as it’s benefits:

  • Protection from debt recovery processes, such as those carried out by Sheriff Officers;
  • The ability to stop Earning Arrestments;
  • The ability to freeze interest, fees, charges and penalties on debts; and
  • Helping those, who want it, protection from bankruptcy.

The Debt Arrangement Scheme is administered by the Accountant in Bankruptcy, which is a Scottish Government Agency.

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