Scots Losing out on Tax Credits

Scots are underclaiming Tax Credits worth an estimated £545 million.

The revelation, by the Scottish Parliament’s briefing body, SPICE, comes at a time when Scotland’s local authorities are making difficult funding decisions, including how much they can spend on advice services.

Mark Griffin, Scottish Labour’s Social Security spokesperson said:

“Scots are missing out on more than half a billion worth of tax credits. At a time of soaring child poverty and falling wages, both the Scottish and UK Governments should be doing more to make sure people get what they are entitled to.

“Making sure, in law, that cash goes to the people who are entitled to it could make a huge difference. Thousands of families across Scotland are one big unexpected bill away from really struggling.

Are you failing to claim what you are entitled to? You can find out by using the UK GovernmeTax Credit Calulator.